For pregnant clients, from 12 weeks into pregnancy, Jen works to maintain and increase functional movement and fitness by incorporating exercises suitable for each stage of pregnancy. By focusing on biomechanical changes occurring during pregnancy a lot of attention is given to client’s posture and alignment, conditions brought on due to pregnancy, strength training, muscle activation, pelvic health ,physical and mental health and wellbeing.



Postnatal clients are accepted for training once they have had their 6-8 week check up with the GP/Midwife. Training is adapted for each individual client in order for the most effective workout to be achieved. Again focus can be on posture and alignment, retraining muscles that have experienced a great deal of change during the pregnancy period. Jen will work with you to reconnect with the pelvic floor and core muscles, work on any diastasis (tummy separation) and look after physical and mental health.


These classes are suitable for women at any stage of their postnatal journey. Once postnatal always postnatal! Whilst popular with new Mums classes are not exclusively for Mums who have had little ones recently. You may find that you are 2 years, or more, postnatal and looking for sessions that can be adapted to suit your needs and that you can bring your little one too. This is why Jen is here!


Classes take place outdoors at venues around Torbay and Newton Abbot and indoors at a local fitness studios.

Personal Training


Jen is delighted to work with clients of all needs and requirements working on specialist, bespoke training programmes to help you achieve your goals. Classes are available online or face to face with a wide range of equipment to keep you on your toes!

Personal Training sessions with Jen are 1 hour and can be 1:1 or in small groups of up to 5. Sharing the cost of small group sessions with friends is a very beneficial way of training.


PT sessions can be PAYG or paid for in discounted blocks.

Please download the Lemon Fitness app for more information and to book classes.

Indoor Classes


Jen uses a wide range of studio equipment suitable for use during pregnancy and postnatal fitness. Classes are fun, constantly changing, effective and provide you with a complete workout.


By splitting the postnatal classes into under 12 months and over 12 months, Jen is able to make sure that Mums of similar stages are working together, but also so that little ones of similar ages are mixing too.


The pregnancy class is for Mums-to-be at all stages of their pregnancy from 12 weeks in. Exercises are constantly adapted for each individual.

Classes can be paid for in PAYG or in discounted blocks.

Download the Lemon Fitness app for more information and to book classes.

Outdoor Classes


Jen runs a Mum only class on a Saturday morning. This is a higher intensity postnatal class and not one that the little ones will come too. This is some time out for you Mums only! Working outdoors means that you get a wonderful dose of fresh air and vitamin D. Classes will run in all weathers except for times when weather warnings have been issued by the MET office. You will need to wear clothing suitable for getting active in and very possibly (highly likely!) rather muddy! Make sure that you have some bottled water that you can carry with you during the class as Jen will take you on a full circuit of a local park. Coffee is available back at the car park from the kiosk, once class has ended!

Please download the Lemon Fitness app for more information and to book classes.

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